Eacham Delegation of Overseas Buyers visited office of GCP

Shanghai Council for Promotion of Int’s Trade granted Consent Letter to Mongolia Chamber and Australia Asia Commerce Council

Reported by Official website of EACHAM, On 3rd Dec., Mr. Chunting Gu, Secretary General of Shanghai Council for the Promotion of international trade, met friendly in the office of CCPIT with Miss Melmuun, proposed Chief Representative of Shanghai Representative Office (Preparatory) of Mongolian chamber of Commerce and industry and Mr. Sam Liang, visiting Chief Representative of Australia Asia Commerce Council Inco.. Mr. Gu granted officially Consent Letter as the Competent organization of Representative offices of both Mongolia Chamber and Australia Commerce Council. Mr. Charles Cheng, Secretary General of both Eacham and Huanzhou Commerce Management (Shanghai) Co. Ltd joined in the meeting and ceremony to grant the consent letters.

Both Mongolian chamber of Commerce and industry and Australia  Asia Commerce Council Inc are the first batch of overseas chambers introduced in 2020 by United Office Platform of Global Chambers (GCP) which created  by Eacham and operated by Huanzhou Commerce Management (Shanghai) Co. Ltd. It is said that establishment of the Co-working Platform of overseas trade organizations is one of important measure for Qingpu District to optimize the investment promotion based on the resource advantages of National Convention and Exhibition Center and China International Import Expo. Since GCP launched, it has been strongly supported and guided by relevant competent departments of Qingpu municipal government. In 2020, total of eight overseas trade organizations including above two overseas associations have got qualification to reside into GCP.  GCP is going to introduce about 50 overseas trade organizations within next three years. official website of GCP reported also this meaningful event

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