Shanghai Council for Promotion of Int’s Trade granted Consent Letter to Mongolia Chamber and Australia Asia Commerce Council

Eacham Delegation of Overseas Buyers visited office of GCP


In afternoon on 9 Dec, Eacham delegation of Overseas Buyers visited office of GCP and had a brief meeting with both Miss Anney, Chief representative of Shanghai Representative office of EAcham (Preparatory) and principals of Huanzhou Commerce Management (Shanghai) Co. Ltd. Delegation listened to presentation of GCP in the meeting room of GCP then they had a short inspection tour to 8 sets office suites, in total of1200 sq meters ,of GCP.

visit office room.jpg

Visiting Delegation of Overseas buyers, organized by EAcham is participating in the 10th China International Fluid Machinery Exhibition holding on from 9-11 Dec. in NECC, this special offline delegation consists of professional businessmen from 20 countries such as Germany, Italy, Iran, Russia, Pakistan, Turkey and USA etc. The delegation took part in a series Business Matchmaking Meeting,holding on by host of Exhibition, with most Chinese exhibitors.


Reported by Secretariat of both Eacham and Huanzhou Commerce Management (Shanghai) Co. Ltd on 10 Dec,2020 at NECC, Shanghai, China