I.Brief and Location of GCP


GCP is a united office platform, under the supervision and attention of both Ministry of Commerce and Municipal People’s Government of Qingpu District of Shanghai, to facilitate the Overseas Chambers who have registered officially representative office in China working centrally together by offering comprehensive foreign affairs services. GCP is initiated and operating by Huanzhou Commerce Management (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. and locates at Suite 609, Office Building B of National Exhibition and Conference Center (NECC)。

In Suite 609, GCP has been perfectly designed as a co-working space. It has been customizing into 41 private office rooms among 8 Office suites, consisting of 200 of dedicated desks in total of 1200 square meters more.

In order to create the best co-working atmosphere and to utilize public office amenities efficiently and reasonably, GCP is equipped well with shared office amenities such as shared meeting room, shared multi-function video studio, shared business printer, shared tea room, shared coffee bar, public Wi-Fi, shared refrigerator etc. to provide convenient and comfortable office conditions and high-quality and economic service of office amenities management to all of resident Chambers/NGO and their members.

II. The Purpose of GCP


GCP is one of important part of diversity economy of headquarters economy, platform economy, exhibition economy and digital economy of Xihongqiao Commerce District, one of part of Xihongqiao Commerce District’s economic hub to serve Yangtze River Delta and to connect Five continents and one of part of the destination of large scale international exhibition at world-class. Should you want to set up a working space of headquarters of enterprise, a working space of international organization or one of overseas professional institution, GCP deserves a priority option of yours. GCP integrates precious resources of international business and international exhibitions to assist resident overseas chambers and their domestic and overseas members to deal with conveniently and efficiently import and export business in China by sharing benefit of rapid growth of China Economy, to keep pace with trend of economy globalization by cooperating warmly together as a group, to participate actively in re allocation of global resources for mutual benefit and win-win.

III. Top Ten advantages of GCP


  1. to learn timely form latest Import Commodities here as GCP locates at NECC where there is annually China international Import Expo (CIIE).
  2. Golden section of Hongqiao District, 1.3 km away from Hongqiao Traffic Hub, one stop to arrive at station of either high-speed Train, or subway or airport terminal.
  3. Preference on taxation, up to 15% encouragement on taxation
  4. GCP provides resident firms with guidance services of both taxation and accountancy and with accounting agent services for getting rid of your tedious works on accounting and taxing.
  5. should have a work space in GCP, you have exclusive access to enjoy over 15 of value-added services such as registering a branch in China.
  6. You have different options to order your working space of either an office suite or a private office rooms or some dedicated desks or even though timing office. Just order whichever you prefer as per numbers of servants of your representative office.
  7. Just initiate your work with only a briefcase of yourself as all of furniture and office amenities have been ready for you.
  8. Just like an international family, to make friends with hundreds of countries by working at Platform, to deal with global business without need to go abroad.
  9. More than 100 international Exhibitions and events of economy and trade holding on annually at both GCP and NECC to promote your business fast.
  10. integrating resources of overseas chamber and circles of business and politician to develop career of ours.

More Overseas Chambers and NGOs as well foreign enterprise members are welcome warmly to join in international family of GCP, the United Office Platform of Global Chambers!

Outlines of United Office Platform of Global Chambers (GCP)